Truck and Ute Tub Linings

Rhino Linings Newcastle – protecting your utes and trucks from wear and tear!

(what is the liner, and why is it great)

The go-to choice for truck and ute tub linings in Newcastle, Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff™ is a spray on coating made from 100% polyurethane that provides a formidable level of protection while boosting the comfort and function of your vehicle for many years to come. This spray liner is a rubber-like substance that both protects the vehicle and adds to the usability and comfort of the owners.
Most ute and truck owners purchase their vehicles with the full intent of putting them to the test – these rigs are made for hard work and adventuring. It makes sense that with the naturally harsh conditions they work through, a little added protection can help them perform better for longer.

Are truck and ute tub liners worth it?

Rhino Linings products are built to absorb shock, insulate from noise, and reduce cargo movement. While the grippy, non-slip nature of the coating reduces your gear from rolling around back there – tool boxes, camping equipment, bikes, renovations supplies – it also better absorbs the shock and impacts when these items do break free.

They don’t crack, peel or scratch easily – meaning they’re going to stay looking great for a long time. While the initial sheen will fade over time, an application of Rhino Shine Ultra will have your tray looking like it just got a brand-new coat.

The short answer – yes! While the option of drop-in liners exists – ready made or custom fit plastic shells that literally ‘drop in’ to your truck or ute tray – they aren’t the best long-term choice for either looks or performance. Spray on Rhino Linings coatings give an even appearance and stands up to hard use.

Truck and Ute Tub Linings - Polyurethane Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle

The benefits of Newcastle Rhino Linings truck and ute liner spray

There are so many benefits to investing in a ute or truck liner spray like Rhino Linings, including:

Other ways to use Rhino Linings to protect your utes and trucks

Rhino Linings know their customers give their vehicles a beating, and why shouldn’t they? It’s exactly what they’re made for! But to help them keep looking and performing their best. Spray-on liners can be used to protect much more than just the ute tub or truck tray. Some other great ways to use Rhino Linings on your vehicle to improve its lifespan, functionality and looks include:

No matter what protection your vehicle needs, Rhino Linings Newcastle can find the ultimate solution to get you back out there, working hard and tearing it up again! With a range of trusted Rhino Linings protective spray liners to choose from, highly trained technicians and a huge range of application options – the team at Rhino Linings Newcastle can make sure you walk out the door with exactly what you needed. Give the crew a call or submit an enquiry today to get your truck or ute sorted and ready to roll.