Protective Coatings for Construction Vehicles

Rhino Linings spray on coatings are keeping construction vehicles safe, operational and at their best!

Construction vehicles do the toughest of jobs, dealing directly with materials that are abrasive, corrosive, and damaging by nature. Of all the vehicles out there that could use a spray on liner like Rhino Linings protective coatings – these are some of the most in need. They spend all day moving through, carrying, and digging up a huge range of construction materials and naturally harsh elements such as:

At Rhino Linings Newcastle we use a selection of tough protective coatings to keep your construction rigs in great shape and working well. Our sprayed-on liners adhere to any surface, including moving parts. This makes them extremely flexible and function in their uses – the options for protection are endless!

What types of construction vehicles can you apply a coating to?

Construction vehicles aren’t cheap toys, they’re a serious investment and workers rely on them to be safe to operate day in, day out. Our protective coatings stand up to the test of time, with National Lifetime Warranty to put you mind at ease, and they won’t lose their good looks in the process either.

Rhino Linings products can be applied to a wide range of construction vehicles including:

Other ways to get Rhino vehicle protection with the best spray on liner on the market

Safety Standards and WHS compliance doesn’t just stop at truck decks – there are a range of other requirements to make sure you vehicle is safe for you and your staff to use on a daily basis. Considering applying a coat of anti-slip spray on liner to other parts of your truck can ensure absolute peace of mind when it comes to safety, compliance and comfort.

Some of the other great ways to use Rhino Linings on your vehicle to improve its lifespan, functionality and safety include:

Why trust us?

Rhino Linings Newcastle has extensive experience looking after industrial and commercial trucks and vehicles, making sure they’re in peak condition to be safely out on the road and performing at their best. Our highly skilled technicians complete continual training to deliver outstanding outcomes to our clients, and combined with the massive range of application options, are guaranteed to produce exceptional outcomes. The team at Rhino Linings Newcastle takes great pride in doing top quality work and giving great customer service to make sure you get exactly what you need. Get in touch with our team to make sure you truck is in the best possible hands by calling our office or submitting an enquiry online today!