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The Rhino Linings Newcastle team: the best protective coatings product suppliers around!

The team at Rhino Linings Newcastle has been in business for over 30 years – almost as long as the Rhino Linings company itself – and has a small but growing crew of 10 superstars made up of application technicians, customer service and administration staff that keep all the wheels on the business turning smoothly.

The vision for the Rhino Linings Newcastle company is one of community and inclusion, and owners Veona and Darrin make a point of employing mature aged workers and those who have been unemployed long term. They heartily believe in running a balanced team, with mature workers having lots to offer in experience and wisdom and providing mentor support to younger employees. When you believe that someone has more to offer and room to keep learning, they often do just that – and for the Rhino Linings Newcastle team, it has been a recipe for success.

Environmental impact is also a concern for the company, and with ongoing commitments to reducing their carbon footprint they are making progress every year. When you run your business in a place a beautiful as Newcastle, it’s pretty hard to avoid getting passionate about it and the team is always looking for new and improved ways to make progress and contribute to a greener Newcastle City. 

Rhino Linings Newcastle's Key To Success

The overall key to the success of their team comes down to the work ethic and quality standards of Lead Technician and owner Darrin – his planning, attention to detail and workmanship are truly the gold standard. Darrin sets the tone, standards, and expectation for the rest of the team, and works with a passion for quality that is inspiring for the rest of his team. No matter the task, Darrin aims for perfect and expects his team to as well – from the mixing of the chemical, temperature control, equipment condition and maintenance, the preparation of the surface and finally – the application of Rhino Linings protective coatings – these are all major components that he considers, navigates and then implements to ensure best outcome for customers.

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What locations do we service?

The Rhino Linings Newcastle team can travel anywhere for work, with a specially designed truck that allows them to do the work onsite wherever they need to. They have experience travelling interstate, with jobs completed all the way from Victoria, throughout New South Wales and up the coast to sunny Queensland. If you have a job too big to transport or you need the team to assess the surrounding environment for appropriate coating selection – give the team a call today!

Why choose Rhino Linings Newcastle?

With a community-centric focus and a commitment to premium quality work, there is an endless list of reason to put your trust in the Rhino Linings Newcastle team, but some of the stand-out headliners include:

Rhino Linings Newcastle has completed work in the last 12 months for: