Mining protective coatings

Protective coating solutions for mine site vehicles and mine site coatings by Rhino Linings Newcastle

There are few vehicles or tools out there doing harder work than those on mine sites. These rigs are built to carry out the most labour intensive tasks in harsh environments, and work is done on only one scale – massive. Based in a town with close economic and industrial ties to the mining industry, the Rhino Linings Newcastle team are well-versed in taking care of our local mining vehicles and mine site equipment for surrounding operations, as well as travelling to complete interstate.
A combination of heavy impact, wear and tear and corrosion are what mining vehicles and equipment battle against every day, and getting a helping hand from some equally tough protective coatings by Rhino Linings makes all the difference when it comes to life span and efficient functionality.

Protective coatings for mine site vehicles

Our technicians are experienced in protective coating applications for a wide variety of mining vehicles including, but not limited to:

Our coatings offer unique protection to mine site vehicles that confront several environmentally specific issues: extreme temperatures, unrelenting dust and the never-ending risk of fire. They bind to almost any substrate and are tack free within minutes, meaning you can get protected quickly and with little downtime.

Mine site protective coatings solutions

At Rhino Linings Newcastle we know there is one thing that cops a heavier beating than mining vehicles – the equipment used on site. Tasked with carrying out the toughest of tasks with materials that are abrasive and rough in nature, it’s no surprise that these bits of gear need some extra protection and armour. Using a spray on protective coating from Rhino Linings has several benefits including:

Mining Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle
Mining Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle

Rhino Linings mining applications for mining equipment

The range of mining equipment that is exposed to heavy use and abrasive work is long, but some of the most common pieces of gear we are tasked with protecting include:

The best Newcastle protective coating applicators for mining vehicles and mine site equipment

The Rhino Linings Newcastle crew have years of experience dealing with mining vehicles and equipment and understand the context and needs of our clients in the mining industry well. Surrounded by mining activity and delivering a premium service allows us an unprecedented look into the mining world, and to truly grasp the importance of a tough and reliable protective coating in a mining environment. Our team takes immense pride in their work and aims for perfection every time, as well as being committed to quality customer service and building real relationships with our clients. If you’re looking for a team with experience and a personal touch, get in contact with the friendly Rhino Linings team for advice and a quote.