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Keep your truck deck safe and performing well with the best professional spray in bed liner by Rhino Linings Newcastle

In Australia, it is required by law to secure loads on anti-slip surfaces, and the 2018 Load Restraint Guide by the National Transport Commission specifically recommends that an anti-slip rubber mat or a similar product be used to increase friction between loads and truck surface to reduce cargo movement and prevent accidents.
Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff Spray on liner is the Number One choice for making sure your loads stay in place and you stay safe on the road. It keeps your cargo more secure and reduces your reliance on extra lashings – meaning less work when it comes to loading and securing!
Transporting goods on truck decks when they aren’t secured properly can be extremely dangerous to the truck driver and other road users. Regulations surrounding cargo transportation and load security are tightening up to make sure that all goods are properly lashed onto a non-slip surface with plenty of grip. With Rhino Linings increasing the coefficient of friction to 0.85µ – much higher than steel substrates, sand or bare wood often utilised for anti-slip purposes – this makes our spray on bed liner a no-brainer choice.

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Is a spray in bedliner worth it for primer movers?

Absolutely – there are so many great reasons why sorting out a 100% polyurethane spray liner deck coating like Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff is a non-negotiable move. While some may explore the option of drop-in bed liners or truck deck mats because they’re oftentimes a little cheaper and seem easier to change out – the caveats outweigh the positives.
Rhino Linings spray liners fit like a second skin to any surface that it’s applied to, is highly flexible no matter the environment, offers superior grip and slip-resistance, and is 100% waterproof.

The benefits of Rhino Linings spray liner for Prime Mover Trailers

The list of reasons to choose a sprayed-on liner for your prime mover trailer and trays is long, and a quick glance at the Pros should be enough to convince any fence-sitters:

Other ways to get Rhino vehicle protection with the best spray on liner on the market

Safety Standards and WHS compliance doesn’t just stop at Prime Movers – there are a range of other requirements to make sure you vehicle is safe for you and your staff to use on a daily basis. Considering applying a coat of anti-slip spray on liner to other parts of your truck can ensure absolute peace of mind when it comes to safety, compliance and comfort.

Some of the other great ways to use Rhino Linings on your vehicle to improve its lifespan, functionality and safety include:

Why trust us?

Rhino Linings Newcastle has extensive experience looking after industrial and commercial trucks and vehicles, making sure they’re in peak condition to be safely out on the road and performing at their best. Our highly skilled technicians complete continual training to deliver outstanding outcomes to our clients, and combined with the massive range of application options, are guaranteed to produce exceptional outcomes. The team at Rhino Linings Newcastle takes great pride in doing top quality work and giving great customer service to make sure you get exactly what you need. Get in touch with our team to make sure you truck is in the best possible hands by calling our office or submitting an enquiry online today!