Chemical Storage

Premium chemical storage protection options from Rhino Linings Newcastle

Around the world, thousands of different types of liquids, supplies and chemicals are stored in tanks and silos. Some are stored to protect the product from outside contamination, while others are stored to protect the outside environment from them. Either way, the risks associated with these products being exposed can at best be costly, and at worst be catastrophic. The most common liquids to be stored in tanks include water, fuel, chemicals, solvents, oils, grains and alcoholic beverages.

Choosing the right coating for the material being stored is critical to keeping both the product, the environment, and the people in it safe. Not only can a leak or failure of containment be a huge cost in downtime, productivity and lost product – depending on the material spilled, it could also result in fatality or environmental damage.

What are storage tank protective coatings used for?

Our protective coatings can be applied to a wide range of primary containment, secondary containment and related equipment items. These include things such as:

We also use protective coatings on the pipes, chutes and related equipment used to transport and move the chemicals into and out of containment to ensure no contamination or damage at any stage.

The benefits of using protective coatings on your storage tanks

The list of positives to using an approved protective coating for chemical storage or the storage of other sensitive material is long, but a few key points include:

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Types of protective coatings used for chemical storage

Rhino Linings offers a range of products at tits Newcastle store that cover any needs you might have for your chemical or storage needs. These include:

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The Rhino Linings Newcastle team have decades of experience choosing and applying the right protective coatings for storage needs and spend the time with their clients to get a full understanding of their needs. With technicians who receive ongoing training and who take immense pride in the quality and standards of their work, this is a team you can trust to do an A-grade job, every time. Our staffs are passionate about doing great work with a personal touch and place a high premium on making connections with their clients and building strong relationships. If you’re looking for a team to sort out your protective coatings needs – Rhino Linings Newcastle has got you covered. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.