Waterproofing Solutions

Choose a reliable, flexible, and exceptionally durable waterproofing solution for any application with Rhino Linings Newcastle

Discovering water damage or a big leak can be an expensive and stressful experience whether you’re in a residential or commercial setting and choosing the right waterproofing solution to safeguard your assets is a smart and easy-to-make choice. The Rhino Linings Newcastle technicians do exceptional work in this field and have a wealth of experience when it comes to making sure things are sealed up tight and protected against water damage and potential leakage. With a huge flexibility in the surfaces our protective coating can be applied to, the waterproofing possibilities are endless.

What can Rhino Linings waterproofing protective coatings be applied to?

We can apply our waterproofing solution to virtually anything – if you need it waterproof, we can do it! Some common examples of where our waterproofing services are used include but are not limited to:

Why choose Rhino Linings for protective coating waterproofing solutions?

Protective coatings are uniquely qualified to stave off water damage and leaking due to their spray-on nature. They mold and bind to almost any type of substrate or surface, and Rhino Linings protective coatings are especially famous for their effectiveness and durability – so much so that some local councils specifically request Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF for use as a spray applied waterproof liner in developments and construction.
This spray on liner has been tested to AS/NZ4858:2004 “wet area membranes” – this certifies that Rhino’s polyurethane membrane can be used in all waterproofing applications to a certified standard, making the choice an easy one. The range of Rhino Linings waterproofing protective coatings includes:

Rhino TUFF STUFF, Rhino PP1195 (Pure Polyurea), Rhino Hybrid HP 11-50, Rhino Extreme 11-50FR

Water proofing Coating Solutions - Rhino Linings Newcastle

The best waterproofing products for your business or home

Our Rhino Linings products can be sprayed onto almost any surface or substrate including steel, metals, concretes, wood, geotextiles, and fiberglass. All our coatings are tack free within minutes and fully cured within 24 hours in most instances, ensuring limited downtime and time sensitive repairs and solutions when needed. The Rhino linings Newcastle team of technicians provide dependable application of waterproof membranes and waterproofing solutions to our clients and are well known in the industry for delivering premium results. Our polyurethane and polyurea protective coatings provide effective solutions for waterproofing needs, and our team will work hard to make sure you’re delivered the best outcome to the highest standard. If you’re looking for an applicator who knows their trade and cares about results – give our friendly team a call today to get the right advice and a great quote.