Protective Coatings for Fleet vehicles

Keep your fleet vehicles in top shape with the best Newcastle protective coatings by Rhino Linings

Businesses that invest in a fleet of vehicles know that the expense of owning and maintaining assets like these is no small thing – it makes complete sense to protect them from damage and keep them looking their best wherever possible.
Rhino Linings Newcastle can use a range of protective coatings applied to your fleet vehicles to keep them working and looking great for longer. The most common Rhino Linings protective coating we use for this is made from 100% Polyurethane (PU) and delivers protection that stands up to tough use, lasts a lifetime and looks good doing it.
Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff Spray on liner is the Number One choice for making sure your loads stay in place and you stay safe on the road. It keeps your cargo more secure and reduces your reliance on extra lashings – meaning less work when it comes to loading and securing!
Transporting goods on truck decks when they aren’t secured properly can be extremely dangerous to the truck driver and other road users. Regulations surrounding cargo transportation and load security are tightening up to make sure that all goods are properly lashed onto a non-slip surface with plenty of grip. With Rhino Linings increasing the coefficient of friction to 0.85µ – much higher than steel substrates, sand or bare wood often utilised for anti-slip purposes – this makes our spray on bed liner a no-brainer choice.

Using a protective coating on fleet vehicles ensures they are protected from the most common types of damage including:

Getting the best from your fleet vehicles

The enormous cost of investing in a set of fleet vehicles is a lot to absorb for any business and making sure they stay in pristine condition while still performing at their best is a top priority. Fleet vehicles must be safe, functional and look good. Not only do they have to be effective at delivering the service they’re intended for and be safe for operators and any potential passengers – they also represent your business and your brand. That means keeping them looking their best by giving them a scuff-free, always clean look with a Rhino Linings spray on coating.

Protective Coatings for Fleet Vehicles - Polyurethane Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle

Why should you use a protective coating on your fleet vehicles?

Fleet vehicles have to be reliable and last a long time – they’re a costly asset investment to any company or organisation that few take for granted. With the host of associated costs going along with them like vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, regular servicing and vehicle repair – investing in a one-off protective solution like Rhino Linings spray on liner shouldn’t even be a question. This coating lasts the full life of your fleet vehicles, with the bonus of a periodic Rhino Shine Ultra coating option to keep them looking brand new and fresh.

The benefits of applying a Rhino Linings protective coating to your fleet vehicles include:

Your Newcastle protective coatings crew

Newcastle business owners and everyone we service can count on our local team at Rhino Linings Newcastle to deliver top shelf service – we know we are the best Newcastle spray on liner company and have thousands of happy customers to prove it. All our service technicians are extremely skilled professionals who take pride in their work, and love getting great outcomes for our clients. They undergo constant training to stay at the top of their game, and our other Rhino Linings team members put the hard work in to give great customer service and keep all the important cogs turning. 

If you have a current set of fleet vehicles that you need protected, or are looking at purchasing some new fleet vehicles for your business, get in contact with our team today and make sure you get them protected from the very first day.