Commercial Flooring

The best commercial flooring solutions on the market for tough environments and long-lasting durability

When it comes to choosing a flooring option for commercial purpose or workplace, selecting one that offers safety, and a long lifespan are top of the list. Keeping yourself and your employees safe while on the job can be the difference between life and death – or at least some awfully expensive mistakes. And getting a new floor itself is hardly cheap! Making an educated choice on a flooring option built to last and stand up to a beating will turn out to be once of the best investments you can make to a safer, more productive workplace.

The best solution for commercial flooring

Rhino Linings is famous for its premium epoxy industrial flooring applications, and over the years has developed several types to satisfy diverse needs. Rhino ArmaFloor epoxy coatings are developed to perform and hold up in the most demanding of industrial and commercial environments and bonds to almost any substrate, making application a breeze and its bond to surfaces ultra-sealed. Whether you want our low VOC epoxy systems applied directly to substrate or as a monolithic film across the surface of a new floor – Rhino Linings Newcastle has got your industrial flooring that needs to be covered.

Commercial Flooring Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle

The benefits of premium commercial flooring choices

When you’re doing your research on commercial and industrial flooring options, it might seem a bit overwhelming – there are a lot of choices on the market and a flood of information and specifications out there. When it comes to Rhino Linings products – they tried and tested. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing premium grade epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic flooring options, our confidence in our product range is absolute. A quick scan of product reviews reveals a host of happy customers who keep coming back and referring their friends and family on. There is a heap of benefits to choosing our range of commercial flooring options for a premium finish including:

Where can commercial flooring coatings be applied?

The Rhino Linings premium commercial and industrial flooring options can be applied to a diverse range of floors across several different industries. Whether you work in a hospital or mechanics garage – an industrial floor is the best pick to keep your workplace and employees safe. Some of the common environments Rhino Linings industrial flooring is found include:

Commercial Polyurethane Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle
Commercial Polyurethane Protective Coatings - Rhino Linings Newcastle

Commercial flooring applications with Rhino Linings Newcastle

Our team in Newcastle receives constant ongoing training and support from the Rhino Linings company and is led by our Head technician who takes great provide in the perfection of outgoing work. We provide commercial and industrial flooring solutions that can be applied in any thickness in just one coating, reducing downtime for trading and operations. If you’re looking for a local company with a great reputation for excellent customer service and gold standard work – contact the Rhino Linings team today for expert advice on industrial flooring options.